@safeway – Robert Edwards – I live in Homer, AK and my sister lives in Anchorage. She works at the

Susan M Saupe sent a message to Robert Edwards that said:

I live in Homer, AK and my sister lives in Anchorage. She works at the Huffman Safeway Store as manager of your price change department. I am sickened by the attitude of many customers who refuse to wear masks. There have been numerous cases among your employees and contractors and community spread is now out of control in Anchorage. That particular store made incredible profits during this pandemic, especially during last spring when so many were panic-buying. You now have the responsibility to do EVERYTHING in your power to keep your employees safe, whether it's hiring security guards to ENFORCE effective mask wearing or shutting down in-person shopping and immediately instituting drive-in, a more extensive curb-side pick-up, or some other method that will keep your employees safe.

It is not right that your company is making profits based on the incredible risks (risks even of death) that your employees must bear just to do their jobs. My sister has worked for your company for 30 years and loves her job. But, with the ubelievable rates of community spread in Anchorage, I begged her to leave her job. She would not even consider it and feels a huge responsibility to her community and her co-workers. She has underlying conditions (as do a large portion of the population over 50 years of age). You OWE it to her to minimize her risk in any possible way. She does not know that I am sending this email, so please do not hold it against her...she is one of your best assets and consistently passess price audits for your company.

If you look at the total numbers of cases in Alaska, they seem small. However, if you look at the per capita rates and the positivity rate of tests, you will see that we are in a dangerous spike. We have extremely limited trained health personnel in the state and it is difficult to restaff if our healthcare workers become sick. You have the responsibility of your workers on your shoulders now...please carry them through this &%$# pandemic. It is unimportant whether you believe it is over-hyped in the media or not ... when it comes to individuals, it can kill. I am trusting you to do the right thing for those depending on you.

Thank you,
Susan Saupe

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