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Saturday, October 14, 2017
I did not accept the delivery of a Television purchase. In fact, the delivery was originally scheduled for Thursday, October 19...then I saw an email this morning saying that they would be here today between 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM today. Then I received a call at approximately 10:00 AM this morning stating that they wanted to come earlier because they were running early . That was okay, but if they were running early , why couldnt they take the TV out of the box for me and set it on the table? That is NOT installation. That is customer service.
They asked for a signature and I would not sign it because they would not take it out of the box. I told the delivery specialists to take it back and cancel it since they refused to take it out of the box and lift it onto a table and plug it in for me. Its the poorest customer service Ive ever experienced. When I purchased this television, I was not told that there was an installation fee. I was told that it was a complete price and I would be watching TV when they left my house. Now Im told that they wont even take it out of the box and plug it in. I did not ask them to install anything. There were 2 men that wanted to drop a large, heavy box in the middle of my living room and do nothing else.
Then the customer service representative on the phone wanted to argue and talk over me. Ive been a customer of Best Buy a long time and your customer service is rapidly going downhill. I never would have ordered a heavy 65 television without believing that the delivery specialist would be able to remove it from the box, lift it to the table and plug it in. I could not lift it myself. I even spoke to the sales person about whether I would need any different power cords, than the ones I used with my existing television, so theyd have them to get my TV working before they left. NOTHING was mentioned regarding an installation fee. NOTHING. All Ive gotten is a lot of grief and stress.
I want a 100% refund back to my account for the TV, Warranty and Removal of the old TV (of course, the old TV was NOT removed). I immediately told them to take the new TV and get out and cancel the order. I also called customer service immediately, which was also not a good experience. I expect a written communication acknowledging cancellation of this order and my 100% refund. I would also like contact information for your corporate offices. In addition, I could not find any email contact information on the Best Buy website. Why is there no email address???
Sharon Lee
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