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@satyanadella – Satya Nadella – Dear Sir: A MONSTER CREATED I am really fed up with updates from Microsoft that

Robert W. Owens sent a message to Satya Nadella that said:

Dear Sir:


I am really fed up with updates from Microsoft that that have bugs in them.
Your update to version 2004 has 11 known (and no telling how many unknown) bugs in it.
After updating to this version my computer had so many problems that I had to revert back to version 1909.
I spent three days and approximately 34 hours trying to fix problems with my operating system created by version 2004.
You have created a monster !!!!!!!!

And, I am not even mentioning the havoc and lost hours created by your KB4532693. This was a nightmare.

I am a computer geek who repairs computers (173 clients), builds, and sell same.
Your Windows 10 could run the world if someone could master every fathom of it. Ninety eight percent of my clients are over 55 years old and all they want is to send a few emails, pay some bills online, download a few pictures of their grandchildren, and maybe write a letter every now and then. They really don’t need a 25 GB operating system to do those things.

Solution: Create an operating system for us old folks and another for businesses which might use a tenth of windows 10 in it present capacity.
Get a clue Gentlemen. You are working us to death with all these corrupt updates.
I am a past naval officer and a professional business executive with 35 years of experience. Your professionalism is non-existent. There is no way I would have run a business by sending out junk like you are doing. If it is job security that is causing your laxness, fix it. If not, identify, segregate, and fix the issues before issuing the updates.
If there was a viable means of using another operating system, with the programs I need, I would switch immediately.
You are just fortunate that MAC is so expensive.
I am just disgusted with what could be a great operating system.
I would hope that someone would answer this letter.

Robert W. Owens

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