@satyanadella – Satya Nadella – Dear Valued Mr. the Boss,? I hope it's all great at your end. ?

Abdullah Hammad sent a message to Satya Nadella that said:

Dear Valued Mr. the Boss,‎

I hope it's all great at your end. ‎

‎ Thanks for your innovative reputation, operations and the esteemed Impact on the economy, ‎trade, and technological field.‎‏ ‏

We are a start-up Smart Solutions Lab, Delaware, Operating outside the USA, ‎

And the sister seed company AuGwaY group.‎

‎ Our latterly intensive focus and operating activities were for research and development according ‎to the global trend to the Digital Society, the Infonomics and the transition to it by our 2 new ‎technologies in:‎

‎1- Smart nation Sectors as Communications, Mobility, Aviation, Education, Security, Artificial ‎Intelligence, Robotics, Cybersecurity, and machine learning to function as an integrated whole by our ‎innovative system which operating all fields and then subdivided and spiders into major sectors and ‎applications.‎

‎2- Energy concerning renewable energy, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning.‎

We succeeded to formulate our mixed technology in item 1 as mentioned above,‎

For item 2 succeeded to design the first Ac which saves electricity for 60% and testing models of ‎batteries will tip the balances in the next 30 years.‎

And have a list of (10) inventions for (2020- 2028) By God Willing.‎

‎ For our achievements in number 1, we are applying the following technologies,‎

‎ Vast business solutions of the newish patented interactive system to integrate: (Big data - AI - IoT- ‎AR- VR- cloud computing) with Telecommunication field, Data analyst and Data transfer, Smart and ‎Autonomous vehicles, Health care, Bio-health and preventive medicine , Aviation and airports, ‎Education, Entities’ and ministries performance and operations, Duties of military and security ‎agencies, Borders surveillance, Diplomatic and official affairs, Oil and gas explorations,, Marketing, ‎media shows, and advertisement, Finance and capital markets, and more other sectors and ‎interoperable areas for revenue of $ 200 B in the main 6 sectors in few years.‎

‎ With this system AUGWAY In MOBILITY we are advancing manufactured and operated ‎characteristics of classic vehicles and integrating them with smart and autonomous vehicles, for safety ‎and luxury, to remediate and obviate waste of 20 Billion minutes and 12.5 Billion gallons of fuel per day ‎in the USA and Europe Union solely due congestion and accidents, in addition, 2.5 million fatalities by ‎accidents per year all over the globe.‎

And goodbye for forgetting and losing the Keys and hacking of the remote car starter circuit.‎

In the AVIATION now says goodbye for the hard and long search of the black box and we don't need it ‎more, in the airports it the final adieu and farewell to the last call of proceeding to gate number 78609.‎

In HEALTH CARE at hospitals, private doctors, health insurance, and emergency rooms now they have ‎Instantaneous readiness for any accidents and critical conditions and have full data of diseases and ‎paramedics. ‎

In the ENVIRONMENT saves a well ecological system and enhancing the useful use of infrastructure, ‎road networks, sources, reduce pollution & radiations.‎

In the TELECOMMUNICATION sector due to the massive data and information, systems and networks ‎integration we expand our business for infinite encodings plus subscribers & firms and more new ‎services & segments, accessories, and items.‎

In the BROADCAST AND BROWSING now we have a live stream, exclusive content, services, and ‎passions via wireless and wireline; internally we have more control and interconnection of all units, ‎also a unique advertisement features and deployment for any affairs all over the globe and around full ‎levels.‎


In OIL AND GAS EXPLORATIONS is the fulfill assistant and controller at the smart oil fields.‎

Now the DESERT, geographical boundaries, and spatial pits have become exploited, vital and controlled ‎areas, not remote, barren and rugged as usual.‎

For EMERGENCY CENTERS, SECURITY AGENCIES, AND POLICE, now more safety, trust, cooperation and ‎they have more proofs and evidence for criminals and investigations.‎

Now PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS (DISABLED) AND OLD PEOPLE can interact easily with the ‎surrounding world.‎

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is applied and enhanced to assist, prove and develop our life in smart ‎nations.‎

In EDUCATION you can take part, interact, imitate, experiment, Imagine, ask and learn immediately ‎solely or with your group.‎

For the ECONOMY, our invention AUGWAY spurs economic growth and revenue-enhancing the ‎countries classification in industrial progress, financial and technological centers.‎

The full business plan is ready, the official certificate of the product is granted, ‎
And just 4 minutes reviewing and forwarding this mail, grants you being the lien holder of Billions of ‎Dollars within few years. ‎

Looking forward to meeting you soon.‎

Warmest Regards,‎


Abdullah Hammad
Founder & CEO
AuGwaY Group ‎
Mob: +965 99142858 ‎

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