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Jo Harris sent a message to Satya Nadella that said:

I am a Seattle police officers wife and I need to tell you what is not known because everyone is so fixated on the fact that gas was deployed, my husband and all the other police officers stood there and had bleach and urine and other unknown chemicals thrown on them along with bottles of frozen water and rocks bigger than fists , bones were broken and an officer was blinded by a cinder bloc thrown at him. The police had to stand there and listen to people screaming take your gun and put it under your chin and kill yourselves all day every day, yet they are considered mean for using crowd control when these violent protesters were within feet of them. One female officer had her foot broken so bad by a rock the insides burst out of the side of her foot, that’s how big the rocks were that were being thrown at them as they had to stand there and take the abuse from the so called peaceful protesters. Protesters are also going into neighborhoods knocking on doors asking if any police live in the area, my husband said the protesters were constantly threatening their lives and their families lives and now I am at home with a gun for protection just in case. Black lives matters has threatened to kill a police officer before, they are in my opinion not peaceful but harmful. Jo Harris

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