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@satyanadella – Satya Nadella – I was a customer of the Microsoft Security Program until July 5, 2020. My complaint

Frank Redford sent a message to Satya Nadella that said:

I was a customer of the Microsoft Security Program until July 5, 2020. My complaint is it's too expensive and the $199.00 subscription is broken so the billing is not sequential. To have billing for the security system as one entity and another billing for the firewall is ridiculous. But even this does not compare to two technicians lying to me, a customer. The first time occurred about 30 to 45 days ago when a tech called and informed me my laptop had been breached. I told him I had the MS Security System so how was that possible? He explained my FW subscription expired in May of this year. I told him in my opinion that was poor business and it could be compared to purchasing a new car only to find out it didn't come with a steering wheel. After approximately 20 minutes he said he would install the firewall and extend the billing to December when the security subscription would be due. I thanked him and continued my daily tasks. July 6, 2020 I received another call from a John (I don't recall his last name but his phone number is 8557186071) who informed me my device had been breached again. I went through the entire ordeal again with no satisfaction as John informed me it would cost $99.00 to activate the FW. I informed John I was discharging MS and specifically asked him to remove the Supremo app that was on my laptop. He informed me he had deleted it from his side and it would go away from mine in a few days. Since becoming a new customer with another firm, I have spent two and one/half days deleting Supremo (Ly number two) finding it to be embedded three times: once as Supreme(1).exe; once as Supremo 2 and once as Supremo demo.
Conclusion: When a relationship, business or personal, has been destroyed due to unethical or trust issues, especially if one of the partners is purported to be a cornerstone business, it's as if someone has intentionally taken out the keystone in an arch and the entity falls, destroying their original integrity. In my opinion, Microsoft has done exactly that and nothing good will come of it. What a sad state of affairs.
While on the other hand, it has been a blessing to me, as I have a new entity to work with at a reduced cost and their subscription comes with a firewall. It worked out to my benefit and I truly enjoy working with the people there. If they say they are going to do something, I can depend on it taking place.
One last comment: Supremo is the most disgusting app I have ever encountered. After 1.8 million scans of my system, a notice stated "Supremo has been minimized yet is still active." Were it me, I would fire the individual who installed it on my computer, just for cause.

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