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I would like to tell you I spent an hour on the phone with a service tech who had no idea how to help me . While waiting for her to call me back after an unnecessary update I figured the problem out myself . Here's another thing . I am on my 5th , count it 5th surface book 2 . At 2,000.00 a pop that's expensive . Not for me ,but for you because your sub par product can't even make it thru the warranty period . I was replacing a mac book , one i had for almost 6 years with no problems . I Love my computer and as such treat it like a very important part of me . I do not abuse it and I've had 5 . Your product is sub par . Your online help is outsourced and they know less about this product than I do. The only reason I have not sued you for this piece of crap 2000.00 surface book 2 is because of the excellent customer service I receive every single time I schlep my way into a microsoft store for help. There your qualified helpful employees somehow convince me to try again every time . I believe strongly in free trade . I believe you should make what you earn without stupid regulations , however you must have pride in your products to continue to have repeat customers . Wake up and see that you are making a sub par product . Please ! and put the time and energy into fixing it before Microsoft looks like Atari. Although they are making a comeback and you are slowly sliding.
thank you,
Michele Hanson
(949) 292 4846
California , United States
Take one minute to look at my account and you will indeed see I am serious . How many of me are out there ? No one is too big to fail . They all just fall harder when they fall

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