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Atar W Greene sent a message to Satya Nadella that said:

To whom it may concern:

I tried to get a new Xbox X console on pre-order day. I was up early, websites up, Xbox X consoles in the carts of multiple online retailers. And Nothing! Same for Launch day, except I enlisted a few people to try and order them as well. And nothing!
Besides the simple fact that you, Microsoft, and your manufacturers obviously didnt make enough (which I will come back to), there’s also the problem of people using programs and bots to get a bunch of consoles before people like me can even push the button to buy one. I mean, I and millions like me never had a chance at getting a console. If they're all sold out in a fraction of a millisecond, it doesn't make things fair for those of us trying to get one normally, without cheating the system. Whats more, is that a computer giant of a company let this happen. Cmon!! Now back to how in the world Microsoft did not have more Xbox’s ready for the NEXT GEN CONSOLE OF THE DECADE!! Its utterly ridiculous. Why didnt you check to see what the demand was going to be like. Hire a company to do that. It does not make sense. Now your saying there will not be Xbox X’s in enough numbers until April 2021. Are you freaking kidding me. So all the optimized games that I bought expecting to have a new console by at least Christmas, I, now wont be able play the optimized version. I would not have bought them if I thought getting a console was going to be harder than finding a pot of gold.
All of the previous launches I could go to a store or call and pre order a console months before launch and go pick it up on launch day. I don't understand why we could not do that. Don't say it was the pandemic. Because why did you change the way it was done. Instead of letting cheaters get all the consoles and or multiple ones. Only to mark them up for sale on Ebay or Amazon. If its not broke, but NO you had to make pre orders online. Well, thanks for that, from everyone thats going to have to wait cause you went ahead and changed pre orders, to not stopping computer cheaters, to not making enough, I just want to say great job. Apparently you made a great console, its supposedly awesome, I guess its super fast, I reckon it looks great, but I and millions like me wont even get the chance to use one because for all the intelligent people who worked hard on Microsoft’s Xbox series X/S development, they're are some real idiots making the pre order and launch the worst in gaming history for us the consumers.

Atar Willian Greene

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