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Hello Mr Johnson, I am a current employee @BayCityHomeStorage plant in Bay City,MI. I have some concerns that I wanted you to hear. I have worked for this company for a little over 6yrs. and up until Nov. of 2018 I was a happy and very motivated employee. As you know technicians who learn, take the time to study and apply knowledge are eligible to progress (levels). I was hired in a level higher than normal based on manufacturing experience. As a hard working, motivated quick learner I was determined to excell through the progression sys. Which I did and was excited about because of the earnings I could generate to help my family. I have always worked hard and took pride in being good at what I do for a living. My progress to level 13 in 4yrs. time was challenging but also gave me a sense of accomplishment. Needless to say progression and the wage increase that came with it were important to me. In between me working towards my next level our plant began construction on the new cheetah flex line. This divided each shift by allocating roughly half our work force to help implement the new line. Often times leaving the ppl left running the lines short and undermanned. I was one of the employees left on the lines that were running. Always maintaining and trying to produce the best OEE I could given the circumstances. Sometimes doing whole changeovers by myself even though there were other techs on the line doing "cleaning." I had senior techs. sometimes asking me how to fix things and to me I felt like geez, they make a lot more than I do and they're asking me how to do stuff. Shouldn't it be the other way around? I stayed on my path knowing the hard work would eventually get me there and that all the extra things I did would pay off if I continued progressing towards my levels. When it came time for our yearly PMP reviews for the fiscal year I got a low rating (new bldg. Manager) . Well, it turns out I was being overworked but not speaking up. This translated to,"a poor attitude." I didn't agree because I know how hard I was working but under the conditions I had to sign off on it. I figured I would make up that lost ground after the required amount of time passed and I was eligible to get my next level which was a few months away. I always had all my grid requirements that were available done before my progression aniversary date. So I did, I completed my classes and did my competencies and turned in what I had. There was one class that was not available to me and I had asked for it (normally they dont hold that against you and as soon as the class becomes available you take it). I was in that situation in a prior level and when the class came available I took it. This would've been no different. So, I turned in all my grid stuff and was told she would petition HR about my level. A few weeks went by I inquired. She then stated,"how many OPL's have you done?" I said,"a few but it doesn't say that specifically on the grid." If it were on the level requirements along with the other items like a specific number I would have done so. So, she held up my level that I knew I deserved. I was highly upset as I knew I had earned it. This affected me a great deal not only at work but at home as well. It bothered me to the point of taking my concerns to our HR dept. Who told me,"you see in the top right corner of the grid where it says at the managers discretion?" At that moment I knew my efforts didn't matter. I began to hurt my attendance to try and deal with the stress, problems began happening at home because I was generally unhappy. I ended up drinking more got into some trouble almost lost my family and my job. Eventually being placed on DML for which I should be off this April. The whole devaluation and lack of appreciation for an employees hard work is very very wrong. I am not the only one who feels slighted. There have been other technicians in my bldg. who have either resigned, retired, retiring soon or just want to work elsewhere. I honestly believe that our building manager wants to be able to write on her resume the following; maintained above global standard OEE while operating under budget year over year. Yes well, your doing so on the backs of your employees and they are noticing and are leaving. We have great people here, we really do and smart people. The morale is extremely low in our plant and a few other buildings on site. We don't feel like this is a family company and certainly dont feel appreciated. Excuse me for writing you a book. I am still a good employee I just no longer feel the desire to be a great one. Thank you for listening. We workers are the engine and the heart of the business. I feel a lot better at least getting this much off my chest. Thank you.

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