@scjohnson – Herbert Fisk Johnson – January 11, 2019 Dear Dr. Johnson: I am writing you on a whim and a

Tina Rapp sent a message to Herbert Fisk Johnson that said:

January 11, 2019

Dear Dr. Johnson:

I am writing you on a whim and a lark as the person whose signature adorns the bottom of Ziploc storage bag boxes.

I have faint hope that this letter reaches you. But, if it does, I trust that you have a bit of a quixotic nature.

I have a colleague here at Penn State Erie, the Behrend College, Dr. Leigh-Ann Bedal, who is an anthropologist and is in charge of the excavation of the garden and pool complex at Petra in Jordan. She’s been featured on Nova and on the National Geographic Channel.

Like most scientists these days, money is tight and she operates on a shoestring budget. I just learned yesterday that she uses Ziploc bags to store artifacts and that she relies on friends to save bags for her.

You can probably guess what’s coming next – would you be willing to donate a carton of heavy-duty Ziploc bags in various sizes?

It would be most appreciated and I am sure that she would be willing to credit the SC Johnson company for material support in all scientific papers that result.

Believing in the kindness of strangers and in the importance of telling the story of humankind, I am,

Most sincerely,

Eric W. Corty, PhD
Professor of Psychology
Director, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

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