@sd3671 – Steven J Demetriou – Dear Mr. Demetriou, Let me introduce myself, I?m Bilel KAMOUN owner of OGEC Company, leaving

KAMOUN Bilel sent a message to Steven J Demetriou that said:

Dear Mr. Demetriou,

Let me introduce myself, I’m Bilel KAMOUN owner of OGEC Company, leaving in Belgium and working for more than 25 years in North Africa markets especially in the Oil & Gas, Energy production, Petrochemicals and chemicals sectors.

I visited two months ago Jacobs Engineering in Morocco and I was pleasantly impressed by the success (many contracts signed with African and Middle East clients) and it development growth. I present you my sincere congratulations for these performances.

Hereby, I allow myself to contact you to recommend you a JV with my precious client SONATRACH (11th Oil & Gas Company in the world) in Algeria. SONATRACH will invest more than 200 billion USD in the coming five years, especially in the shale gas & LNG development and refineries construction, and invite all its partners to invest locally (employing a big number of local engineers and technicians).

Taking as reference your successful company in Morocco, I’m sure that a similar structure in Algeria can be more profitable for both parties.
I want to help my precious client SONATRACH to develop their engineering department with your kind support and partnership.

The Algerian structure can serve as a basis for developing the Tunisian and Libyan markets as well as other markets not covered by the Moroccan structure.

I have a respectable relationship with SONATRACH responsibles and I can coordinate to schedule for you a meeting with SONATRACH CEO in order to weave win-win collaboration between Jacobs Engineering and SONATRACH Group.

In case of interest, please let me know and I can start introducing Jacobs Engineering to SONATRACH CEO.

Looking forward to reading you.

Sincerely yours,

General Manager
OGEC Belgium – 37, Rue du Vieux Mayeur 4000 Liège Belgium
OGEC Tunisia – 13, Rue Léopold Senghor 3000 Sfax Tunisia
Mob.: +32473920031 / +21624585878
E-mail: bilel.kamoun@ogec-holding.com

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