@SearsHoldings – Edward Lampert – 319 Coventry Circle Folsom, California 95630 June 20th, 2018 Mr. Lampert CEO Kmart corporation 3333

Vanessa Torres sent a message to Edward Lampert that said:

319 Coventry Circle
Folsom, California 95630

June 20th, 2018

Mr. Lampert
CEO Kmart corporation
3333 Beverly Road Hoffman
Estates Illinois 60719, US

Dear Mr. Lampert,

It has come to my attention that the Kmart franchise hasn’t hopped on board with getting rid of the gender labels on kids toys. If there were to be anyone that could fix this issue it would be you, the head of the company. I also came to you because it seems to be a huge epidemic and if a good amount of people are wanting an issue to be resolved you would be the one to help us out.

In recent years big name brand stores have been targeted for gender labeling their toys, Target was the first big company to be hit by all the hate. Since 2015 Target has gotten rid of the labels, so has Walmart. In the article “Target will stop labeling toys for boys and girls. Good.” they state that “ In reality, though target’s decision is not about one person’s efforts. Rather, it’s the culmination of the activism of countless parents, educators, and critics.” This clearly means it’s going to take more than one person to get this problem solved in every store. The reason gender labels on toys is such a huge problem, is because at a young age they are molded into what they are supposed to like even if they don’t like it. They play with toys assigned to their gender wanting to play with toys that aren’t. It’s a heartbreaking thing, and really forces them to be someone they don’t necessarily want to be. Labels can often also ruin how girls and boys play and feel about labeled toys. Melissa Dahl editor of the Science of US states in her article “What the science says about kids and Gender labeled toys,” that “when they believed the toy was for boys, the girls did better when they thought it was a toy for them”(Par.6). Tht means that mentally they shouldn’t be s good as the other gender when using a toy opposed to theirs. However, they should never feel like that should be the case.

All in all Mr. Lampert, I just ak that you consider getting on board with gender neutral toys, and consider how those kids would feel.


Vanessa Torres
Student, Folsom Lake College

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