@SearsHoldings – Edward Lampert – Before moving into our new home we purchased a new Kenmore refrigerator from Sears in

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Before moving into our new home we purchased a new Kenmore refrigerator from Sears in Joplin, MO. in July of 2018. On the day the refrigerator was scheduled to be delivered the delivery guys came to the door and without even taking the refrigerator off the truck said that there was no way that it was going to fit through the door. We had not only measured before purchasing the refrigerator but we had also removed an even larger refrigerator from the home just a few days earlier. We explained this to the delivery employees but they refused delivery and left. We actually ended up going into the store to discuss this issue with a manager. The manager did apologize for the situation and said he would send someone out the next day to deliver the refrigerator. The next day when they came to deliver, it did indeed fit into the home just fine. As soon as they had it in place and installed they turned it on only to hear a terrible noise coming from the refrigerator. They then made a comment that the delivery employees the day before had dropped the refrigerator off the truck because they had noticed a scratch on the side door and that they would have to bring us a new one. After about a week they did indeed bring us a new refrigerator and installed it again. However, upon leaving we not only noticed dents in the front door but also the flap that fits in between the two doors was not installed correctly and would not close properly. I do understand that we should have reached out to Sears at this point. The only reason I did not was because not only were we in the midst of moving in but I also lost both of my grandparents within a 6 month time frame last summer/fall. It was a very emotional time and I suppose I figured we could just deal with it. However, we have continued to have issues with this refrigerator. We have had water condensation inside the refrigerator as well as way too much ice in the freezer which has resulted in spoiled food and freezer burn. What made the issue even worse is that last Saturday, May 25 we woke up to a terrible smell in the kitchen. We discovered that our refrigerator had gone out and we lost all of our food. Not only was it not cool but it was almost hot. When we called Sears customer service about this issue they said that they could not have anyone come out until Friday, May 31 to take a look at it. Not being able to wait a week since I have 2 small children who I need to have food for, we went into the store to see if I could talk to a manager. They would only refer me to customer service again. I ended up calling again and the technician this time said that in the time period that I was waiting for the technician that I could defrost the refrigerator. I followed their instructions but did not experience any change. I did find that throughout this past week it did get cool again at certain points, but the next day it would be warm again. The Technician came out today to take a look at it, but said since it was cool at the time of his visit he could not see anything wrong. I explained to him what my experience was and he did agree that the door was not installed correctly and that the flap needed to be replaced. After he ordered the part he did adjust the door some but now the doors do not align and when you close one the other pops open. I asked him about this and he said there was nothing else he could do. He literally told me good luck in getting it replaced and left. So now not only do I still not have a refrigerator that works, but Sears customer service will still do nothing for me. We paid over $1,000 less than a year ago and do not have a refrigerator that works and they said that they would have another technician come out but that the earliest he can come is June 13!!! I have a family. How am I supposed to be without a refrigerator that long with no guarantee that the issue will even be fixed? I would like to get this issue resolved but keep getting the run around from customer service. I feel like no one has helped and all that ends up happening is that I get passed off from one person to the next with no resolution. I need to see about getting this issue resolved and about getting a replacement, WORKING refrigerator. I have always been a loyal customer of Sears and do not understand why I am being treated this way. I should not have these kind of issues with a refrigerator that is less than a year old. PLEASE let me know how you would like to resolve this issue.

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