@SearsHoldings – Edward Lampert – Dear Eddie Lambert, There is a law clerk that exactly understands what is going on

Andrew ODell sent a message to Edward Lampert that said:

Dear Eddie Lambert,

There is a law clerk that exactly understands what is going on with Sears at the Southern District Supreme Court of New York named Andrew ODell.

He is an expert in finance and bankruptcy law. I would ask to have this case moved to his chambers or his bosses and you should be fine.

On a side note, I value Sears and companies and IT at around $20B. The $SHLDQ quote of $.19 is still liquid but barely. I’m trying to pick up 100 shares and it’s siting there in the Q without buying.

Finally, Imperial Shipping an international shipping company founded in 1820 and still around today is supplying Sears Chicago, LA, NY and increasingly FL with quality apparel, electronics, and quality homeware. In 2019 we’ll over 1000 standard size crates full of goods found there way into Chicago, NYC, LA and FL stores. In 2020 the summer apparel collection came with barcodes on the Price Tags.

This $1,000,000,000+ capital infusion in the form of merchandise has also not been reflected in the $SHLDQ stock price.

Finally Sears closed about 20 of 2000 locations in its most recent store closings report. This 1% decrease in unprofitable stores should have materially affected the balance sheet by $20,000,000.00 if the real estate owned was sold and the proceeds where booked into corporate accounts.

The entire market cap of $SHLDQ is only $20,000,000.00 so the store closures alone means the real equity of $SHLDQ is at par value. Existing stores, inventory, good will and IT and the $1,000,000,00.00 inventory that Imperial Shipping invested in Sears should make the stock go up limit high or 33.3% every day until it reaches the $20/ share price at the end of the decade.

Good luck with S District... I think you should be fine. A lot of the closures of unprofitable Sears have resulted in a leaner reorganized company as Sears has done since inception.


Andrew ODell
Imperial Shipping Account Manager

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