@SearsHoldings – Edward Lampert – Dear Mr. Lampert, I've been a customer of Sears since I was a child and

Kristin A. Crage sent a message to Edward Lampert that said:

Dear Mr. Lampert,

I've been a customer of Sears since I was a child and the customer service has never been more disgusting. The fact that you outsource customer service calls to the Philipines is the problem because no one there knows what to do and the problems, of which I've had many with my orders, never get resolved. I placed an order on 11/27/2018, Order #889379981 and the order never arrived. When I called customer service (the Philipines) I was put on hold several times, then no one could assist me, the representatives refused to transfer me to a supervisor and then I was hung up on! This happened several times. This is supposed to be a Christmas gift. So now I've been charged for an item I never received, still need and can't get anyone to help me! I'm a breast cancer patient and the stress this has caused me is unacceptable! I want someone from this office, not the Philipines, to help me receive the item I paid for or I'm getting an attorney for the stress this has caused as well as fraud for taking my money and misrepresentation of being a company that cares about its customers. All you care about is the bottom line no matter who you hurt. Not me! I want a response ASAP or the next email will be from my attorney and yes I do have one. I worked in litigation for 18 years in NYC. Someone needs to contact me ASAP!

Kristin A. Crage

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