@SearsHoldings – Edward Lampert – Good Day Sir, I am very disappointed with the customer service and lack of integrity

Lisa and Eugene Stewart sent a message to Edward Lampert that said:

Good Day Sir,

I am very disappointed with the customer service and lack of integrity from the people that work at Sears.

My husband is in ICU with a heart attack and stroke and only has an 20% chance of recovery.

I purchased a washer machine and a dryer from the Sears Outlet Store in Tucker GA. The delivery persons came and hooked up everything and the dryer drum would not turn and they left parts to the washer machine in the machine. They took off without hooking up my old dryer and told me to call Sears.

I called Sears and they gave me a number to call repair to have them help me over the phone to get it to work. I was transferred to 10 different people over a course of two hours for them to finally say,"we can't help you because it is a Samsung".

I went back to the Sears Outlet Store where I purchased it and the manager tells me he is going to contact the warehouse and he will call me on Monday as to when they would bring a replacement. I received no call. I called all day Tuesday and half the day on Wednesday and no one would answer the phone.

Please understand that I am at work and then the hospital and can't keep going back to the store. So I call the corporate office and explain the situation. The gentleman says we have to send a repair person and schedules it for Friday at 1:00 pm.

I leave work early and wait and wait and no one shows. I called back to the corporate office and they tell me they hired a 3rd party to do it and they themselves can not reach them on the phone.

So Faye, the supervisor tells me she is going to arrange to have the dryer exchanged and she will call me back in 15 minutes. She did not want me to stay on hold. She never calls me back. I call back and have to demand to speak with her and they gave me a different Faye. She then puts me on hold saying she calling over to delivery and transfers me to a Ronnie. Ronnie says he sees the order but I need to speak with his supervisor and they transfer me to Anjene. Anjene then says she going to check with delivery and then comes back to the phone and tells me I have to go back to the store.

In the meantime, I have just lost a half days work and precious time I could spend with my husband and still do not have anything resolved. I am still sitting here with a broken dryer I never used and a washer machine that I am not sure has all the parts on it.

I grew up on Sears and I always thought it was a dependable company. I have half a mind to contact the BBB and the news. I understand that you guys don't care that I am just making it financially and have to save for years for these things or that my husband may be taking his last breath while I am trying this issue resolved with Sears. What really burns is if I were rich or important this would have been taken care of the moment it was hooked up and did not work.

Please answer this for me: Is Sears really adhering to the Corporate Responsibility Policies you relay?

Lisa Stewart

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