@SearsHoldings – Edward Lampert – Good Morning, I saw a report online about a "struggling" Sears. I shop sears regularly

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Good Morning,

I saw a report online about a "struggling" Sears. I shop sears regularly. I only shop tools and lawn/garden mostly. As I love the marketing side of companies, and notice that sears marketing is missing the boat. I have had businesses in malls, and know that the "rent" is challenging and ridiculously high.
my advice or opinion
When you walk into the store and a pair of jeans is $55 with a 25% off sale minus 10% for this and 5% for that. I am 40 years old and capable of standing in the store to do 3-5 math calculations to determine the actual cost of each piece of clothing. Generations today struggle with all this and honestly, I don't purchase anything else at sears cause of all the "smoke and mirrors" from all the different percentage needing calculated. I think sears has forgotten who they are marketing.
I love marketing and have some good ideas to save sears. keep it simple, as the new generation of buyers is different that who your marketing to.

Quick Idea, need to refresh your Sears "name" look.
Change your look and start a hype. You will see improved sales. The "Perception" of sears is falling.

Thank You and Let Me Know How I Can Help.
Shawn Ebbert

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