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Stephen Dartt sent a message to Edward Lampert that said:

I have a Sears Home Warranty. I contacted Sears Home Warranty about a repair to my air conditioner (AC), and they refuse to fix the covered item. Sears says that it is because the failure was preexisting. However, my contract says

“We will cover a preexisting mechanical failure provided the failure could not have been detected by visual inspection or simple mechanical test prior to the effective date of the Agreement. A visual inspection of the Covered Items is considered to mean the viewing of an Item to verify that it appears structurally intact and without damage or missing parts that would indicate inoperability. A simple mechanical test means the ability to turn the unit off and on verifying the Item operates without irregular sounds or smoke that may indicate a problem.”

Both of these conditions are met, but Sears still refuses to help me, even though I paid my $100 deductible to have the AC repaired. They just keep saying that the failure is preexisting, even though the Sears contract says that this preexisting failure will be covered.
I would also like to mention that my AC worked fine until the afternoon of May 12, which was the first time the outdoor temperature reached 90 degrees this year. With the temperature in the upper 70's, my AC kept the house cool. In fact, one day this past week with the temperature in the upper 70's, it got a little warm. I turned on the AC then and it still cooled the house to a comfortable temperature. I'm not sure how much longer this will last, since there is evidently very little freon still in the AC. However, there is no way I could have or should have known that my AC was not working properly before the afternoon of May 12.
How can I get help? I cannot find anyone at Sears that will talk to me about resolving this issue. Thank you again for your help in this matter.

Stephen Dartt

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