@SearsHoldings – Edward Lampert – I purchased a Craftsman riding mower on April 21, 2016. At that time, I purchased

Adele Snyder sent a message to Edward Lampert that said:

I purchased a Craftsman riding mower on April 21, 2016. At that time, I purchased the At Home Service Warranty, for $249.00. Due to the extremely hot weather, in summer 2017, I was unable to use the mower. When I tried to use it on April 20th of this year, it wouldn't start. I called the At Home Service and was given a May 1st appointment. The service man checked the mower and said the carburetor was bad and he would order a new one. At that time, he said anyone could install the new carburetor. If we wanted him to do it, it would be 3 weeks before he could come back. A package arrived within the week. I didn't open it, because I'm not a mechanic, but I did think it odd that a carburetor would arrive in a poly bag. When my son came to install it, it wasn't a carburetor, but a washer noise filter. I called At Home Service and told them what I received and they ordered the carburetor and was given a June 7th appointment for the service man to install it. At the time the carburetor didn't look like the one that was on my mower and when the guy arrived, he also said it would not fit. He ordered another one and said he would be back June 20th, to install it, if we didn't want our son to do it. Our appointment time came and went and no service man. I called and was told he was sick and the next time he could come out would be July 3rd. The grass has not stopped growing in the 2 months since my first call. It was necessary to pay someone to come in and mow . Our property is quite big and because the grass was so high, it was necessary to use a DR Trimmer to cut it. I did receive a check for $50, for out of pocket expenses. Two months is an excessive length of time to get my mower working. I am very unhappy with the At Home Service. I was told they understand my frustration and they're sorry, but I don't think they truly understand. I was also told that if anyone besides the service man installed the carburetor, it would cancel our warranty. My husband is 82 and unable to do physical labor. I am 74 and work full time. The riding mower was to make my yard work easier, but it has not turned out that way. I hope you can understand my frustration. Thank you, Adele Snyder

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