@SearsHoldings – Edward Lampert – Please read the email I sent a couple of weeks ago. Not one response from

David Friedman sent a message to Edward Lampert that said:

Please read the email I sent a couple of weeks ago.
Not one response from anybody. An absolute disgrace and the poorest example of customer service I have ever seen. Guess your company closing stores and not doing well financially ties into this incident . Thank you for your time...
Good Afternoon. In all my years I have never been so dissatisfied, frustrated, and felt so completely helpless over the poor customer service and terrible treatment I have received with the purchase of one of your Air Conditioner Products at the Sears Massapequa Store at the Sunrise Mall. To make a very long stressful horrible experience I short here is the gist of what happened. I purchased an 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner on June 4th 2021 and once it was installed there were immediate problems with it. It was making an extremely loud noise, the condenser was constantly going on and off and it just wasn’t cooling the room off properly, I took out the extended 5 year warranty and tried calling them for days but I was constantly put on hold and when I finally got to speak with a customer service rep his response was my phone number wasn’t linked to any purchase and he then put me on hold again. My frustration and stress building I then called Sears to speak with a manager. I spoke with Dan who initially was willing to help me but claimed the systems were down and he couldn’t process the return and exchange for a new one and that I had to wait. Almost two weeks later he still claimed that the system was down and I had to wait. I have since not heard back from him and he was basically of no help to me at all. I then received a call last Wednesday from Judy from the company I believe Tri County that installs the product and said they would be delivering the new air conditioner on Thursday. I wasn’t able to be home that day and told her i would call her back to confirm a date. When I called her back she said the air conditioner was not in the warehouse and that I had to find out where it was, When I questioned why she said it was available and going to be delivered she became rude and nasty claiming that I was blaming her and telling me she wasn’t going to deliver my air conditioner to me and then some guy in the background shouted hang up on him. Really,,,,, these are the type of people and company Sears deals with. I also never heard back anything or follow up from Dan about any of what transpired and to date I still have an air conditioner from your company that is not working properly. Never in my entire life have I seen anything like this, I am a manger for a major supermarket chain and this treatment would never fly there. An absolute disgrace, embarrassment and the poorest of poor customer service I have ever received its no wonder that Sears is in financial trouble and closing stores This complaint and more will also go to the CEO of the company as well. Thank you for your time……….

David Friedman

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