@SearsHoldings – Edward Lampert – This can save Sears, I'm really 99.9 percent sure, if you'll humor me by

Tom Segrave sent a message to Edward Lampert that said:

This can save Sears, I'm really 99.9 percent sure, if you'll humor me by looking over Goldman's Institutional Investing site at the link below:


A relative was the head of Knight Capital Group, which is part of where Goldman and other Institutional Investing brokers put the money. The profits are insane in my estimation! Calculate how much insurance companies would lose between premiums and the cost of average medications alone (please just estimate it), or even expensive surgeries, and it's no surprise they're some of the biggest clients. All you need it the income to invest, of which Sears has plenty.

(My name is not Tom Segrave -- I am a Softlines Associate by choice right now, for reasons I can't explain -- but if you figure out who I am and happen to do me secret favors for the rest of my life without telling me -- but only if my plan works -- then that would be good enough pay! My next plan is only to work at a legitimate corporate sales job that's not much stress, but I want to make at least $200K annually at sales within five years. I don't have bigger or better plans, again for reasons I can't disclose.

I like Verizon Wireless stores because I randomly read that the managers make about $200K annually, but this fact (or non-fact) seems to have disappeared from the Internet recently -- literally, for better or worse.

Best of luck to you!


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