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(Second transmission – the first had a few typos; apologies but both fingers got tired – Glen Post email address

William B. Iveson sent a message to Glen F. Post, III President and CEO, CenturyLink, Inc. - email address that said:

(Second transmission - the first had a few typos; apologies but both fingers got tired.)

Dear Mr. Bushway:

My wife and I have been a loyal CenturyLink customers through all previous companies since 1959. Since early spring of 2016, weve experienced inferior service.

Suddenly, without any physical changes or modifications to our wiring system, extreme white noise rigorously appeared. I called
RepairServicebut they never found a resolution. The interference became so prevalent that our message machine became mostly
unintelligible so we used our cell phones. Successive technicians all had theories but no permanent solutions.

One technician said that our problem stems from the fact that our modem was too far from the outside point of entry and proceeded to move our modem from our eastside office/computer room to our most distant westside bedroom. The problem still endured.

From that moment, when I wanted to eliminate our Niagara Falls/white noise , I had to disconnect our DSL line for unencumbered noise, but only 50% of our telephones would work and our computer was inoperable.

If I traipsed back to our westside bedroom and reinstalled our DSL line, my computer was functional but my telephones/message machine was not.

An InternetServicerepresentative told us that his experience dictated that our noise problem was a malfunctioning modem and it needed to be replaced. We went to your local (Tucson) CenturyLink store on N. Oracle Road and purchased a new modem ($99.00 + tax.)

The next technician said we had received incorrect information because our current CenturyLink modem was fully serviceable. This technician could not find a solution.

Twice before we had two appointments for tech InternetService; both were no-shows! We never received telephone calls with explanations or apologies - very poor customer service.

Reluctantly, we made one final call to Internet Service with the stipulation that, after about 14 months of aggravated disappointments, if a resolution wast possible, we would terminate our (lack of) service and go wireless.

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, Mr. Ruben Rivera of Internet Servicearrived and once again we iterated our dispirited narrative.Mr. Rivera said he was hopeful hed find the problem and solution because he was persistent.

After extensive and meticulous examinations made inside and outside of our house, he proclaimed all is well. He excused himself to visit the neighborhood reception box and eventually found the problem. A cap was off some essential part or wiring, or something was incomplete and left unfinished. Mr. Rivera immediately solved our 14-month dilemma.

How 6 to 8 technical experts could not find or see our problem while Mr. Rivera did on his first assignment is testament to his dogged persistence and skillful observations. This gentleman should be an adroit candidate as a tech-trainer. Mr. Rivera reasons well, thinks logically and, thankfully, is tenacious.

What amount of money would CenturyLink have preserved if Mr. Rivera had been our first tech representative? He is a gem and, according to my futile observations, an endangered specie.

Mr. Bushway, may many other CenturyLink customers be the recipients of your devoted and thoroughly proficient employee, Mr. Ruben Rivera.

Sincerely and Finally Joyful,

William B. Iveson

P.S. Now managers at CenturyLink want to “reward” us for our horrid
370-day saga by adjusting our monthly bill with about a 5-day credit.

April 22, 2017.

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