Seit 1995 erfolgreich in der IT – Erwachsenenbildung Michael Olders – Diplom Designer IT-Trainer Michael Olders – Dave McKay email address

Michael sent a message to Dave McKay – President and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada – Email Address that said:

Seit 1995 erfolgreich in der IT - Erwachsenenbildung
Michael Olders - Diplom Designer IT-Trainer

Please, lead this writing further to somebody who can decide international business in this scale,
Especially Mr. Dave McKay

Dear Mr. Dave McKay,

my name is Michael and I'm busy for over 20 years in the Computer Business as a Consulting and Software trainer.
By these activity, I’ll be twice a week in most different companies or institution’s. So I met a lot of people and sometimes we stay in private contact later.

So it is in that case, I want to talk to you. One of my customers, he acts in the international business as a consulting and contact man, has requested me for some support in that concrete case.

He represents the interests of the IRAN, which has suffered long time from the embargo. Now, however, since the Implementation Day -16.01.2016- they are no more on the Blacklist and all financial activities came be done.

During the -Blacklist - Time- the state collected all foreign currency to use them if better times will come. Now the time is good, but the collected money makes the problem. They had the money real - in paper - and this - in the digital money world - a problem.

Now my client searches for a way to bring these cash into international banking -digital world-. Of course the origin of this money can be proofed by suitable documents. They want to bring that in several portions to one of your branches -each is 500 Mio. US $ - and pay that in to an account of your Bank. The cash will be brought on the costs of them to any airport in the world named by you.

Totally we are talking about 20 Billion US $. And they are willing to pay you a fee of 10% all-in.

In return there should be given a bank guarantees for 366 days from your bank. After that time period the remaining money should be transferred to different accounts named from them to you.

In business, I always ask for the biggest Player. They normally have the capacity and the necessary knowledge. If someone can manage this, Mr. Dave McKay, it is you and your company.

If there is any reason to doubt they are the lawful origin of the money immediately inform the appropriate authorities. These can then immediately take the money. I think with this statement, the risk is acceptable.

Is my request on the right address? Can you manage this? Please, include in our calculation, a commission of 0.5% for me.

In hope soon to receive a positive answer from you
I remain
Yours sincerely


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