September 13, 2017 Mr. Antonio Urcelay Chairman and CEO Toys r us, inc. Dear Mr. Urcelay Re: Commendation ndash – Antonio Urcelay email address

john ferrazzoli sent a message to Antonio Urcelay Chairman and CEO, Toys R Us, Inc. - email address that said:

September 13, 2017
Mr. Antonio Urcelay
Chairman and CEO
Toys r us, inc.

Dear Mr. Urcelay
Re: Commendation - Belentia Patterson - emid - 922631

The purpose of this letter is to formally and publicly commend Belentia Patterson for the excellent service she provided to myself, my son and most of to my grand-daughter. In my opinion, the level of service that Ms. Patterson extended to myself and my family was far beyond our expectations.

I have never before written a letter like this on an entirely unsolicited basis. However, in this case I was so impressed by the support and service provided by Ms. Patterson that I felt compelled to go on record with my praise. She truly deserve it. In an era where exceptional one-to-one customer service excellence has virtually disappeared from almost all large corporations, It was a breath of fresh air. the work that Belentia did, and the compassion she showed should be held up as an example for others to try to emulate.

What particularly impressed me about the level of service provided by Ms. Patterson et al was that there were no additional financial rewards involved. It appears that it was simply her extraordinary commitment to excellence in customer service and support that motivated her go the extra mile. Her example even had a positive impact on my attitude as it pertains to my own employment, with a large telecommunications corporation..

In closing, I believe that Belentia Patterson truly deserve to be congratulated and rewarded for providing customer service and support well beyond my expectations . If this is the level of customer service that I can expect to receive any time I do business with toys r us, I can assure you I will continue to patronize your stores, I have already shared my experience with the rest of our family and friends.

Very sincerely,

Mr. John Ferrazzoli
962 Washington Street
Franklin Square New York

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