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Shahidah Capital One Executive Office Dear Senior Financial – Richard Fairbank email address

Shahidah sent a message to Richard Fairbank – Chairman and CEO, Capital One – Email Address that said:


Capital One
Executive Office

Dear Senior Financial Officer,

I am writing you to ask to reinstate my to credit card accounts and in 1710 and 2371. I am not sure as to why my account was terminated last week and I have spent an excessive amount of time on the phone with multiple customer service representatives and supervisors over the phone and no one is able to tell me if I was told two different reasons. The first being that I was over my limit on one of my cards and the second thing because I had a returned payment. Regarding my card account ending in 1710, I am over my limit but made attempts to pay to bring it up to date as recently as last week. I inquired about if my account was current and was advised that the account was not in the past but was over limit, leaving me the impression that this account was not in jeopardy of being closed. As for the other reason I was given by the representative of having returned payments, I know of no returned payments. My payments are scheduled to be debited by auto pay from my Capital one bank account and no payment should even go through to be processed if there is not enough money in the account to cover the payment.
I was awarded disability in 2013 because of injuries I suffered in a bad car accident. Which has limited my income and caused severe financial hardship but I am back to work now and planned on getting both accounts current and well under their credit in the next upcoming weeks due to my new income.
I have been a Capital One customer for over 6 years and believe I deserve to at least to have a courtesy of a thorough investigation as to what caused my accounts to be closed. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to have my account reinstated. If it is the scheduled auto payments was what presented the issue I will begin to mail my payments to more carefully monitor my bank account balances when the payment is made. Unfortunately, it may have been payments debited out of my account while my account was in the negative status and I am penalized with overdraft fees when that occurs so I certainly am not pleased about that either. A representative from the fraud department was only able to see a returned payment on November 23rd for my account ending in 1710 in which I cannot even use this account due to its restriction from being over the limit, therefore it would not have benefited me to make a payment with fraudulent intentions with unavailable funds because I had no credit I could use on the account.
I appreciate your time and attention to this matter. This is a time sensitive matter as it has to be resolved within 30 days to avoid it affecting my credit. I do frequently use my credit account and I would be sorely inconvenienced without my accounts. Thank you for servicing me


Valued Capital One Customer

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