Sir, I am a very unhappy customer of the VW brand and I am really – Martin Winterkorn email address

Kembi sent a message to Martin Winterkorn CEO, Volkswagen Group – email address that said:

Sir, I am a very unhappy customer of the VW brand and I am really sorry to say so. I got a polo GT and I opted for candy white colour and so did I get but now after an year n half after some dents In d car I see that the color was red beneath and I got it confirmed from the Mumbai office and found that I have been cheated. The VW dealer of mine had painted the white on the red car that was not getting sold and sold it to me and also got to know from Mumbai office that the said dealer has produced a consent letter signed by me for the change in colour of the car before even I got it. It seems that my signature has been forged.
Sir, I have been told by Mumbai office of yours that they will look into my issue and has asked for 10 days of which 2 days have passed by... Now in another 8 days I will want a concrete solution or else I will be forced to take due course of remedy/ action.
I request you to look into my matter so that my trust for the brand is alive and continues further as I choose vw from so many other brands in the market.
Sir, I am a customer from the northeastern most part of India. I am from arunachal pradesh(india) and I trusted your company even after being in such interior part but this act of the dealer has shattered me.
Kindly look into my Case sir.

Thankibg you
Yours unhappy customer

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