Sir, I started this email in great frustration while on hold a projected 7 minutes – David P King email address

Allison Moreland sent a message to David P. King Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings Email Address that said:

Sir, I started this email in great frustration while on hold a projected 7 minutes to resolve a bill involving secondary insurance (not the first time for this encounter). This is after navigating a very cumbersome "phone tree" which quite frankly wanted to make me hold myself out as a physician just to talk to a live person.

However, in less than the seven minute wait time advertised, a very professional and kind billing representative named Jessica answered and took care of my issue (I hope). I am grateful for that.

My concern, as a daughter of an elderly patient and wife of a Medicare beneficiary, and on behalf of their peers, is that your company, along with many others, makes it so difficult to talk to a person that many elders will simply pay bills sent to them rather than deal with the frustration of and even inability to navigate the "phone tree" which essentially implores you to go online and pay your bill, even if they have insurance for which they paid to cover these costs. I know this technology is todays world, and Im grateful I can navigate and be patient on behalf of my mother and my husband, but not everyone has a "me". I understand cost effectiveness, and automation. I worked in the healthcare billing industry for many years. So, kudos to your billing rep Jessica for her professionalism and kindness, And to you, sir, I ask, what say you? Are you taking advantage? Can you do better? Or should we just refuse to do any lab tests our doctors want because of the frustration and expense associated with it? Thank you for your time.

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