Sir, I’m not sure whether you received this message via email so I’m forwarding via – Greg D Carmichael email address

David sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael – Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp – Email Address that said:

I'm not sure whether you received this message via email so I'm forwarding via this media for your attention. I'm angry and disappointed by your refinance department and their interpretation of "customer care."

Honestly, the initial 30 year mortgage I took out and purchased this house with...while I was in Baghdad, Iraq in December of 2010, was less hassle than what your people are dragging their feet on now for a 15 year refi! This sort of treatment is why longtime customers leave your bank. Be curious no more!


Sirs and Ma'am,

As we approach three months and your organization is still unable to pull things together to accomplish the refinance of my home, I would like you to stop the refi process. I have chosen to stay with my Fifth Third 30 year loan as it stands. Please make no changes to my current loan and cease all processing of the 15 year refinance paperwork.

In the nearly three months your organization has been mishandling my PII and paperwork, I have discovered that your refinance department lacks the teamwork, organizational skills and concern for your customers to prepare a customer a BLT sandwich, let alone refinance a mortgage. Your idea of organization appears to be a bunch of planets orbiting in their own orbits but rarely ever crossing each other's paths. I should probably blame some of this on myself for not doing more research on the web to discover the nightmare others have also been subjected to during Fifth Third refinancing through your department.

Being a Bank of Clarendon Hills (bought by), Old Kent (bought by), Merchant's Bank (bought by), Fifth Third customer since 1978, I always felt reassured that my banking needs could be handled by my local bank. Based on the lack of customer care I have received from your Securities Department in 2006-2009 and now your Refinance Department, I realize it may be time to look for a bank that earnestly takes their customer's needs and concerns to heart.

And to satisfy your Fifth Third curiosity, THIS is precisely how you lose longtime customers. If you abuse them long enough they will search out other banks. I will close with a repeat of my request at this time for you to cancel my refinance request.

Very sincerely yours,


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