Sir, My name is Shaun. I am writing this to see if you – Andrew House email address

shaun sent a message to Andrew House President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. that said:


My name is Shaun. I am writing this to see if you or someone in the Sony company can possiably help me and my son. So if I could bother you for a few minutes to read this message I would greatly appreciate it.

As said, I am looking for some help for me, and my son, Anakin. We are both very avid gamers and have been using the playstation for several years. Now, where our need comes in is like this; My son currently lives with his mother more than 80 mi-les from where I live. His mother, Justine, is not a very good person when it comes to letting me spend any time with Anakin. She wont even allow phone calls. This is where the playstation comes into play. A few years ago, Justine got Anakin a ps3 for Christmas and we were able to contact each other on there without Justine noticing. We would get the same games and make sure we were on at the same time so we could always stay in touch. This worked out great cause as far as Justine was concerned, she thought I was just one of anakins friends and has never suspected it was actually me he was talking to. However, now she has traded in his ps3 and gotten him a ps4. And since I am just a single man with a 40 hour job paying 10 an hour, I can not afford a ps4. So for the last 2 weeks I have not been able to talk to my son. He tried to message me on facebook the other day but before I could respond his mother closed his account and blocked me. I am at a loss and really miss my son. I would do anything to be able to talk and play with him like we did on ps3. This is where I ask for the help. I am looking for a discount program or maybe even if it is possiable, a complimentary ps4. I am not the type to ask for things or accept help often but I would do anything for my son. So this is me on my knee asking for you to help.

In closing I would just like to say this I understand people ask for things for free all the time. Im sure that is even more true for you with how popular the ps4 is. But I swear I would not be asking for this if I had any other options. I mean sure I could save enough money but it would take me literally months to do so. And with the support I pay already to anakins mother I don’t know how I would afford it. So I you could help I would forever be in your debt. Even of you could maybe point me in a direction to someone who could helo me if you are unable that would be super helpful as well. I am putting my contact information below. Thank you for spending the time to read this and for any help you may be able to offer me.


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