Sir: sosrry to bother you, but I wanted to handle this without bringing in an – Robin Hayes email address

robert rothman sent a message to Robin Hayes Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of JetBlue Airways Corporation Email Address that said:

Sir: sosrry to bother you, but I wanted to handle this without bringing in an attorney. On Novemeber 19, 2017 My wife(Phyllis} and I wer to head back to Boston from Bermuda on the 3:00 pm flite #204. On heading to theplane on the tarpit, we were told to enter from the rear on the roll up stairs. We did so, she slipped on the stairs and drastically cut across her shin bone. Upon entering the plan and sitting down(seat 19band 19c, shse showed me her leg. I hurried to the back of the plane to the attendants and advised them that my wife was bleeding pretty profusely and did they have 1st aid. They were nice and found some bandaids and anti bacterial cremm to put on her. I did so and had to use several bandages to cover the wound .It did not stop the bleeding, I went back and asked for more and they accommodated me. They did stop by to see how she was doing and did remark she is stil bleeding. We arrived in Boston and took a cab home. It was there that I saw the extnt of the wound. I applied my own first aid. I waited for a couple or so days and the wound did not ook better and was still leaking and bleeding. I believe on that Thursday I took her to urgent care. the results were not good, the gash was deep and required 9 stitches, a tetanus shot, and anti bacterial pills. The satirs on the ladder going up were sharp and I dont think the proper first aid was available or used to contain the damage. The gals seemed to care, but had no idea of what to do. I have been a Jet blue cardholder and love the airline but I believe yuu are at fault. I delayed taking this to my attorney and hope this can be resolved privately and soon. Her styitches are to be removed in the next week, the doctor has advised that the wound will scar. I did not get the attendants names but Im sure you can with the flite info I supplied. If there are any further questions or remarks, you have my email. I will give you adequate time to investigate this claim I;m sure the gals will remember the incident. Thank you for your attention to this matter and again I am sorry to put you on notice, bur this was the only way. thankss

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