Sir, The following was just sent to your Customer Care Representative who had asked me to – Glen Post email address

William sent a message to Glen F. Post, III President and CEO, CenturyLink, Inc. that said:

The following was just sent to your Customer Care Representative who had asked me to complete a survey regarding yesterday's contact.

Ms. Victory,

I have tried repeatedly to access the survey below and can never get past the first two screens. No surprise there! This seems to be typical of the way CenturyLink customer service works. However, since you have requested my opinion, I will provide it.
I am 84 years old, male head of household, college graduate and certainly not a chronic complainer. As a long term customer of your Prism services, I have had to call your customer retention line about every 4 to 6 months. My service billing is always at an acceptable price initially and, from that point on, rises consistently. It is always over-priced in comparison with your major competitors and, while I am certain that they play the same numbers game that you do, I have stayed with Prism because I like the features. How nice it would be to be able to get a reasonable rate for the service that continues consistently month after month. Unfortunately, this probably will never happen with CenturyLink.
As for my latest of many calls, it was handled well by Brenda, your service representative. As always, I was treated politely and efficiently and had my complaint resolved. As is always the case, I was given new discounts to lower my service rate and I went happily on my way. That is, until the next time which I understand and fully expect will be in 4 to 6 months.
If you and your CEO, Mr. Glen Post, really want CenturyLink to stand out in the market place, PLEASE stop playing this dreadful numbers game with your customers.


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