Sir, My name is Dr manoj Kumar G . My contact No. is 919447798867. From – Lee KunHee email address

manoj sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung - email address that said:

My name is Dr manoj Kumar G . My contact No. is 919447798867. From Kerala India. Im a customer of samsung for last 5 years. my mobile phone tablet TV all were from Samsung. i bought a 32 inch LED TV in 2013. it was working fine for last 3 years. for the last 1 year its having lot of complaints. it was sent for repair some 8-9 months back to smart electronics Samsung service centre sreekanteswaram Trivandrum Kerala. they replaced some board and took 4800 Rs from me.that time i lost my power cord there and when i asked they behaved rudely. 3-4 months later the TV got the same complaints and i took it to the same service center. this time they replaced some another board ( smps) and charged 3800. and told me it has got 6 months warranty. exactly after 6 months the TV got the same complaint and they took it from home and after 2 days informed me that some another board got damaged and needs to be replaced with a cost of about 4000 rupees.
I want to know a few things from your side Sir,

1. whats the life of your LED TV? because few of my relatives bought same size LED TV from Toshiba and Sharp and they are still functioning extremely well

2. Though I accept that an electronic machine can get damaged, is it abnormal for a TV to get damaged every 3-6 months?

3. After buying a TV worth 30000Rupees do you think there is some problem with the device that one has to spend more than 11000 rupees every year to repair it

4. sir, Im a surgeon ,(Urologist). people will definitely suspect my surgery if my patient gets the same complaint again and again after doing a surgery, Isn t it sir. is it the poor quality of your product or the poor service from your service center that is damaging my device.( I suspect)
and please tell your service center people to behave properly

please give an answer sir,
anyway Ive told them not to repair and send my TV back. Now I suspect what all things will be taken out of my TV
I want only answers, Im not at all going to repair the TV. I will buy a new TV from some other brands. and I will never advocate any Samsung device to any of my friends or relatives.

There comes the end of a relation

after registering complaint, I got a call from service provider saying that this time they will repair it free of cost. and they will bring the tv on 17 th march. to my surprise they brought the TV yesterday claiming it has been repaired. And on connecting the TV its still not working. They started fumbling, and told me they will take it. I told them not to do anything. and they left it . What too say about your service people. Is this professionals of a reputed company like Samsung shame on you

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