Sir: I am writing to you today because of a situation which occurred at your Greenwood – Ronald L Nelson email address

John McKee sent a message to Ronald L. Nelson - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Avis Budget Group, Inc. - email address that said:

I am writing to you today because of a situation which occurred at your Greenwood, Indiana location just over a week ago.

Tammy Snyder I had reserved a 16 ft. truck in her name, to be picked up the 2nd of September, 2017

At approx 4:45pm on the first, we went to the Greenwood, IN location to see about picking up the truck a day early. We were told that it would cost an additional $200.00 to do so, and we left, telling the very discourtious and numannerly lady that we would wait till 8:00am the next morning, when we were susposed to pick it up anyway.

Much transpired between that time, and the actual pick-up of the truck. Reservations were moved to another city an hour away, EVEN though there were no 16 ft trucks at that location. We were finally told we could pick it up in Greenwood, and at a discount. (Patrick who is one of you telephone managers helped tremendously). The TOTAL RENTAL was susposed to be 257.40.....TOTAL.

However, once back at the Greenwood location, we were charged other fees as well, INCLUDING adding me as an additional driver. I was always the primary driver. Tammy paid the aditional fees and charges, as at this point, we had no choice, however, I have thought long and hard about this, and feel that your Greenwood office needs looked at, and the woman who started this whole shebang should either be repremanded, retrained, or whatever.

Furthermore, I would like to see Tammy get a refund of the additional monies spent over above the $257.40 I personally was assured the total would be.

Thank-you for your time.
Hope to hear from you soon.

John D. McKee, Sr

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