Sir, I am writing you in regards to a negative experience I received from your – Andrew House email address

Ginny Granc sent a message to Andrew House President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. - email address that said:

I am writing you in regards to a negative experience I received from your customer service department in regards to a recent incident that has taken place. I contacted your customer service department on September 9th in regards to a PlayStation gift card that was stolen upon purchase. I was told by your customer service agent that I would need to provide a copy of the receipt along with the full card number and PlayStation would reimburse me for the money. Than I received an email from your company stating they could not provide me with any reimbursement unless I had a full card number. I called Giant Eagle they provided me with the additional information and I was told that PlayStation would refund my cost. I called your customer service hotline again today September 11th and was told by your supervisor Charlie that he could not help me and PlayStation is not responsible for any gift cards and that Giant Eagle does not purchase the cards from PlayStation they make their own cards which makes no sense what so ever. Sir I am a long standing customer to the PlayStation company and I am merely asking for a little respect and to be compensated for my lost money. Your supervisor made me feel as if he didnt care nor did the PlayStation organization care about their customers. Can you please help me? I am also shocked that PlayStation is unwilling to work with Giant Eagle as well in regards to this situation.

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