Sir, With all due respect to your company, as well as you I wanted to – Edward W Stack email address

Diane sent a message to Edward W. Stack - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dicks Sporting Goods - Email Address that said:

With all due respect to your company, as well as you I wanted to pass along a reaction I had to a recent TV ad you aired. This ad talks about your commitment to aiding children in financial need to obtain the necessary sports equipment so no child is unable to play regardless of their financial ability. As a former coaches wife, nurse and now grandma I applaud your companies platform to help our young people, heaven knows times are difficult for many still. But if you have watched this recent advertisement when the audio piece talks about families unable to afford equipment it dovetails showing black youth only. I am not black or hispanic, just a woman who was struck by the footage. In no way am I suggesting a racial component here but in these times one never knows. I live in Michigan so maybe you havent seen the advertisement airing here, but the footage struck me immediately with that thought. I hope this gets to you personally and falls upon good will towards your company, I have been a customer and will continue to be but this advertisement does leave the door open for others interpretation. I have seen the good works you have done in communities God bless your efforts. I hope you will view your advertisement and decide for yourself.
Diane G

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