Sir,I’m urging my family and friends to vote for you. I pray you’re not – Donald trump email address

Kyle sent a message to Donald Trump - Chairman and President, The Trump Organization - email address that said:

Sir, I'm urging my family and friends to vote for you. I pray you're not going to be another lier,(pardon me) can't help but say my mind. We know you don't need money from big business,so this is what real America. Wants. Jobs back here!! No more made in China or Pakistan or Mexico or numerous others. The 2nd amendment will NOT be touched,we are going to be taken by some country the way we're going,repeal all of the idiot that is in office now,everything he has done,we the people see his actions as unconstitutional,unamerican,and illegal. Just bring us back to America, we've been degraded for to long. I'm a disabled vet that has done prison time for DUI my dumb ass fault,but being a vet in two different services,and for the atf tell me I can't own a gun because of driving drunk,there nuts,my family goes back to 1605 in our great nation,and I hope you're in us every day low-income person that has give his or her all to the government just to end up disabled and barely living. I will not let the government forget the oath I took and those fore father's that took the same and died enforcing it.
Sir,please don't do use wrong, my father said,(he should be as good as Kennedy,because he doesn't need the money bribes,he has more than they do) and it's true,do us right.

Thank You, Kyle

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