@SIRIUSXM – James Meyer – Although I love the service you provide for radio service… your customer service is HORRIBLE

Sharon Curtis sent a message to James Meyer that said:

Although I love the service you provide for radio service... your customer service is HORRIBLE.. we traded vehicles in September of 2018 and at that time changed our subscription to the new vehicle. Within a few weeks that radio was changed by the auto dealer due to a malfunction of the unit. We once again contacted your company to change the subscription to that radio ID#... now here we are in January of 2019 .. and after multiple phone calls and chats it is still incorrect. We are listed with two Jeep radios, and we only have ONE...we had two promo deals for ONE radio.. which somehow got assigned to a radio we no longer have. So this morning we have spent over an hour trying to sort it out......NOT.. every time we speak with someone new, our monthly rate increases !!! I think purchasing a CD player for the vehicle and cancelling your service is in my future! It should NOT be this difficult to transfer a subscription and keep the "deals" offered. Please please look at fixing you service support department.

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