@SIRIUSXM – James Meyer – Dear Mr. Meyer, I have been a subscriber to both Sirius and XM almost since

Lyle Goodman sent a message to James Meyer that said:

Dear Mr. Meyer,
I have been a subscriber to both Sirius and XM almost since the beginning. Overall I've been fairly content with the service although the quality of the music signal has gone downhill. I know you're trying to jam too many stations into a small amount of bandwidth. Just a small complaint over many years.
But sir, your customer service is really terrible. Between always having to speak to someone in the Philippines and the strong-arm sales tactics I've had it. Recently, due to a cancer diagnosis, I've had to quit my trucking job. I spoke to customer service and told them I no longer needed SXM. They told me they would temporarily suspend my service. When I explained this was permanent it's like they didn't even hear me. They insisted it would be a temporary shutoff. So I called my bank and put a stop payment on any SXM request. Now I'm getting letters from SXM saying I'm overdue on my payment. I called customer service again and this time they said to hold on while they worked out a "special price" to continue my service. At this point I just hung up.
I'm afraid, sir, that when I get over this sickness and go back to work I will no longer subscribe to SXM. That is unless you step in to rectify this situation. You have top-notch disc jockeys and programming but your customer service is absolutely the worst. I will not be strong-armed like this.
Thanks for many years of good music out on the road!
Lyle Goodman

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