@SIRIUSXM – James Meyer – Mr. Meyer, I am writing because I assume customer feedback is important to you. I

Michael Tilford sent a message to James Meyer that said:

Mr. Meyer, I am writing because I assume customer feedback is important to you. I was a 20 year customer (started with XM) but as of today I am no longer and will no longer ever purchase your services due to the attitude and incompetence of your customer service provider. The long and short of it is that we have multiple receivers due to multiple vehicles, a boat, etc., just like many of your customers. We are changing out a car and the boat and needed to cancel those services. Your customer service provider couldn't figure out which receiver was on which car/boat, etc. and after a high level of frustration and concern over possible billing mishaps in the future (happened before with S/XM) she just told them to cancel all of our subscriptions. Wipe it clean and we'll start over later with the remaining car and replacement vehicles. She had to do that three times. Wasted I don't know how much time but the only need that anyone cared about on the other end of the call was S/XM's. So she just hung up.

Now we both work in a professional world where rely sometimes on poorly trained folks or whatever so we know how this can be more the individual rather than the company. So we said, give it a couple of months to see the billings and make sure it is safe to go back in the water. Then we got a bill for $43 including some past due charges. Thinking it was a mistake, I called this time.

I can only tell you that your customer service rep was not helpful at all. If we pay ahead how could we owe more? He told me we didn't call to cancel - yet we did and in a fairly deliberate manner, which I explained to him. His explanation was that because we pay ahead that we still owe money. To which I explained, yes, we pay ahead and so there isn't anything to owe, especially since we called and cancelled and had to cancel the remaining account because the CSR was so incompetent! Still he pressed for the $43. So I disputed that I owed it and gave him a choice to wipe the charge since I did my part and called to cancel, or forgo any possible future relationship with a 20 year customer. He chose the $43 vs. potential years of subscription payments.

So I told him I was done, would never again pay for services from Sirius/XM and that I would be sure to post on social media. Because I said I would, I am paying the bill and that is the last of my money you will get, and I posted so far to FB but looking for other options.


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