@SIRIUSXM – Scott Greenstein – Jim, I purchase a new vehicle a few months ago and it came with a

Marty Martinez sent a message to Scott Greenstein that said:


I purchase a new vehicle a few months ago and it came with a trial subscription to Sirius, and you have bombarded us with offers. So, I have tried to contact your company for over 3months now to answer a few questions and sign up.

No one ever answers the phone, and you online chat does not work. Today I spoke with a robot who kept reading a script and would not pay attention to the questions I was asking. After a frustrating conversation and telling me how she would help me, I hung up in frustration.

I contacted you online virtual assistant and was told an annual package was $300 and would need to have a credit card on file. I was told what I want is not possible.

I wanted an annual subscription, paid by check. I am even more adamant about not giving you a credit card, because if my experience is an indication on how the company is run, I will not be able to turn off the service without cancelling the card.

You really should try to set up a service or get a question answered by your people to see how frustrating you customer service is. This is not an essential service, I do not need hundreds of stations, and can just listen to broadcast radio or iTunes, as we have for years.

Just thought you should know. I am no longer interested in your service. Please stop sending me nonexistent offers.


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