@SIRIUSXM – Scott Greenstein – Please help your customer service department to understand how to treat customers when they call

Deanna Barbaree sent a message to Scott Greenstein that said:

Please help your customer service department to understand how to treat customers when they call for services. The reason I was calling is my account had completed the year subscription and went to a month to month subscription, which was 22.00 and some change. I called to inquire about why I am always getting mailed letters about 12 for 60.00.
On 8/11/2021, I contacted your customer services department regarding my account. The person who answered was very cheerful, however did not say their name and every time I attempted to explained the reason for the call and she kept talking over me. I was attempting to take care of this issue on my lunch break from work. When I realized that It was going to be a challenge of talking to the CSR I asked to speak to her supervisor. I was on hold for 35 minutes before "KEN" the supervisor was on the call. After speaking to him for 15 minutes about the account and such we completed the transation and I was needing to pay. I attempted to give him my credit card number over the phone and he informed me that they are not allowed to take the credit card number that I am to enter the number. Me not understanding how I am to enter the CC number since I was on the phone he again stated that I needed to enter the credit card number with the key pad on my phone. So I did, and of course he did not get the transaction processed. By this time I was on the phone another 20 minutes and being late back from my lunch break and late to a meeting I explained that I would call back, Ken stated that he would note everything on the account and all that we discussed. On 8/13/2021, I called to make the payment on the account and to continue my subscription. I first speak with Maria explain to her the situation (three times) I gave her the Zip Code for the account and when she found the information she explained that nothing was noted on the account and that I owed 22.00 and some change. I explained that "KEN" was supposed to have made note of everything we had talked about two days before and she stated it was not noted and that I was going to be 22.00 and nothing can be changed. I asked to speak with her supervisor and after being on hold for about 5 minutes the phone hangs up. At this time to say I am frustrated is an understatement. I called back and spoke with CSR Rose, and explained that I was just on the hold to speak with a supervisor the call was disconnected and asked to speak to a supervisor and to please not hang up on me, again she puts me on hold and guess what the phone disconnects again. Mrs. Witz this is ridiculous that I have to call back yet again to try to get my account updated so that I can pay the bill. Honestly, this is for my 78 year old dad that if I could teach him how to use his phone to bluetooth music in I would and say forget it to SiriusXM, but he is 78 and it is difficult to teach someone of that age something new. So after being hung up on for the second time I again call back and again get a person name "Rose" explained I was just the person who called and to please not hang up on me again but get me a person who can help me on the phone. I did explained that I was emailing you while I was trying to get this issue taken care of, and that didn't seem to phase them. It is like they do not 1) know to listen to what the customer is saying 2) no talk at the same time the customer is talking 3) they do not know how to transfer a call and 4) do not know how to treat customer.

Oh and guess what this is now the 3rd time tonight that I have been disconnected while waiting on a supervisor to answer the call. Can you please get this worked out that your CSR know how to talk to people and no hang up on them while the person who is paying for the service is attempting to get the service paid. I am now on the phone with Jasmin I am asking for a supervisor and we will see if they will connect me or hang up again.

I can only imagine if a senior citizen calls in to take care of their XM account, the runaround they get or how much they get taken advantage of and just accept it because they do not have someone help them maneuver through this process. Thank goodness I am now speaking with Raphael.

Again, this is ridiculous that it took me two day and 7 people to final get this account to paid. I should not work hard to spend my money that I work hard to make.

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David Layfield

Deanna Barbaree - 214.794.6511

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