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Sean Beagles sent a message to Stephen Gunn that said:

Dear Stephen K. Gunn,

I am writing you this email through a service known as Email The Boss as your email appears to not be available to your customers. I am writing this email at 2:00 am in the morning to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the customer service I have received by Sleep Country Canada. On December 2, 2019, I purchased the Lavender memory foam pillows from the Chinook Centre location. I found the salesperson at the store to be very dismissive and rude. He was unable to answer my questions. I decided to make a purchase from your store anyway. To my disappointment, once I paid for the pillows the sales rep informed me that they were final sale. I don't understand why he would wait until after the purchase was made to inform me of the store policy. Had I known the policy, I would not have purchased the pillows. I expressed my disappointment with the sales representative and left the store. A couple of days later, I received an email asking me to complete a survey. In my response in the survey, I expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the service at the store and the pillows I purchased. I requested a follow up with Sleep Country to find a solution and submitted the survey. I provided my contact information in the survey. It has been over a month and I have not heard back from Sleep Country about my concerns. I have attempted to use the pillows nightly; however, the pillows have resulted in sleepless nights since I brought the pillows home. The pillows are not the same as the pillows in your store. They are extremely hard and have forced me to change the way I sleep. As a result, I now experience pain in my neck and shoulder and have not had a decent sleep in a month. Normally, I would buy pillows from another store to replace the pillows purchased at Sleep Country Canada; however, the pillows were very expensive. I am formally requesting a refund for the price paid for the pillows. I will return them to the Chinook Centre location for a refund. I expect that you will respond to this email within 48 hours indicating that you agree to accept the pillows for a full refund. I have saved a copy of this email and will follow up if I do not hear back from you.

Thank you

Sean Beagles
Email sent at 2:20 am due to lack of sleep.

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