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Hi Mr. Gunn,

I want to bring to your attention to the unsatisfying service and "so called" warranty. I bought a demo model, so no exchange, however the district manager did allow me to exchange. I was unaware that a stain was put on the mattress, so exchange never happened. The bed i was exchanging to was a bit more money and had all the warranty etc.

I am curious why i was not offered the same type of warranty coverage on my oringial purchase. So now I am stuck with a mattress that has zero coverage or warranty as a stain voids it or something.
I dealt with a few different people, but I swear that I thought I was allowed to try out the base and bed for a little while to see if it is what I need. Obviously I did want to exchange, but its not possible.
Now that i know i am stuck with a $1500.00 bed that is way too soft for my back as i have had major surgery on my back.
It upsets me because I am on a fixed income of $1089.58 a month. It took me 18 months to save up for a bed. I apologize if I didn\'t interpret what was said correctly. My experience with Sleep Country has been one of extreme happiness, only to find out nothing is as it seems. I wouldn\'t take this issue so far but i feel i was mislead and were only interested in getting a sale. I don\'t know if you can assist me. Right now, i\'d be happy if my mattress can be cleaned. There is no way to return the base, i was told different. I pray you can help, or point me in a direction to someone that can help.

Nathan Jones
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