@Sony – Kazuo Hirai – Hi KAZUO HIRAI san, It is a complaint letter. I?m David from Taiwan, a customer

David Wong sent a message to Kazuo Hirai that said:


It is a complaint letter.

I’m David from Taiwan, a customer who bought your flagship TV KD-65 Z9D in Nov. 2016. It’s been quite a pleasure enjoying this fantastic TV until this July, my panel was out of work and got to replace it
through Sony Taiwan Service, and that’s when this terrible nightmare started. Up to this point, I already got 3 panels replaced. The 2nd one was broken during shipment; while the 3rd one and 4th one both have “ Vertical Banding ” problem. Here are the links to the videos I taped. You could notably see the bright line on the center area.

Vertical Banding on the 3rd panel

Vertical banding on the 4th panel

The other day, your Service team just informed me, saying this is a normal mura phenomena of Z9D and they could do nothing about it, in other word, I have to accept it. Frankly speaking, I don’t expect I could get any satisfactory response from Sony Taiwan, thus I might as well directly contact you and simply ask 2 questions:

Is this seriously the quality of SONY Flagship Product?

From a CEO’s point of view, is this Vertical banding acceptable on a Flagship TV for you ??

Looking forward to your respond.


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