@southwestair – Gary Kelly – Dear Gary, Normally, you might expect a customer to refer to you as Mr. Kelly

Michael Kelly sent a message to Gary Kelly that said:

Dear Gary,

Normally, you might expect a customer to refer to you as Mr. Kelly. Please, permit the informality. This message is not to you as a customer, but as a friend. My message is to offer you some solace to you as a person, suffering from this great loss.

Southwest Airlines claims the heart as its logo. LUV as its symbol, and Love Field as its base. All are true. Southwest is love. Your first press conference was honest, heartfelt, and true.
Your airline is the only one in most terminals with any heart. People. Your people are the strength of your business (I have GREAT stories to share if time permits after this crisis). Your 737 fleet is your STRENGTH (my opinion), although understand JetBlue’s Embraer 190s 2x2, I choose you first. For your people.

With that understanding, I offer you my most sincere sympathy as you process this loss you are feeling, especially as it relates to the families most impacted by this event. I know that any loss/benefits analysis is lost at this insane, as any loss is unacceptable to LUV.

I am a school teacher. I tell my students that we can prevent all aircraft deaths… if we prevent all aircraft departures. But, then, we never move forward, travel, connect, trade, love.

Your person performance over three decades of service proves my continued support for, and confidence in, Southwest Airlines.

If I were a few years younger, I would love to be one of you flight attendants! I am always first at the exit aisles. Safety FIRST, cocktails and pretzels next!

I know this is a difficult time.

Know that perfection is limited to the divine, which we, all, are not.

I offer prayers and best wishes,


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