@southwestair – Gary Kelly – Dear Mr. Kelly, First of all I love SWA and almost exclusively with the airline

Karen Folkerts sent a message to Gary Kelly that said:

Dear Mr. Kelly,

First of all I love SWA and almost exclusively with the airline. On May 19th I flew from SAT to SMF ON Flight 10. Twice that day I complimented SWA Employees. First at check-in at San Antonio and then a stewardess on the flight from San Diego to Sacramento for her infectious smile and great work attitude. Then... i am waiting for my walker (I am handicapped and was sitting in a wheelchair) at baggage claim where 3 women sat on their chairs and were as unhelpful of a group of people I’ve ever run into. I noticed all the passengers on my flight had picked up their luggage off the carousel and had departed. I inquired three times about my walker. Two of them told me the plane landed at different times - i had called my husband from the plane once it landed so I knew what time the plane landed which these women were making up their own time frames. There conversation among each other was so important as to ignore me, give me false information, and not show one iota of interest in helping me.
Finally my walker did show up 45 minutes after the plane landed. I was so disgusted with these three women -especially after I had such a positive experience during the rest of my contacts with SW employees that day.
I would hope these employees would be reprimanded and taught good customer service or be removed from their positions and placed in a back office somewhere.

Thank you,

Karen Folkerts

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