@southwestair – Gary Kelly – I am personal friends with Mr Terry Podraza and am outraged at the vile treatment

Tammy Jeffres sent a message to Gary Kelly that said:

I am personal friends with Mr Terry Podraza and am outraged at the vile treatment he and his very ill wife, Kathy, received in Virginia from your airline. This poor man has faithfully battled a nearly hopeless illness with his cancer stricken wife, for the past two years. In the past year, he has endured losing his job, and his mobility, to an injury and back surgery. Yet, he has faithfully continued to care for his wife, most of the time alone. I can testify to the fact that he has great difficulty walking with a cane, any distance, without assistance. His wife has lost her desire to live and he made her go to see their new granddaughter as a morale booster. She is so ill, it was a difficult decision for them to go.

To think that your airline forced them to seperate and Terry had to navigate the boot, without aide, while worrying about his wife, weak and alone, just unsettles me! Any woman alone in a large crowd is vulnerable in these times, let alone a woman who just said goodbye to her child and grandchildren that she may not live to see again. She was left until the last passenger was boarded and then refused boarding bc the ticket had been scanned and kept and she no longer physically possessed it? This sounds revengeful and unthinkable!!!

Terry said his calls have not been responded to either. You go home and enjoy your bloated salary and all your creature comforts tonight. Terry will be hobbling around his house, waiting on Kathy, and smarting from the cruelty of your company. Shame on Southwest! Is it too much to ask for a return phone call and an official apology? God have mercy on you, if you do not make this right!!!

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