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Mike Marsh sent a message to Gary Kelly that said:

I am writing this letter to address the disappointment I have had in the lack of Customer Service represented to me by your company. I sent an email to Customer Service regarding the cancellation of plane tickets for myself and children. I have enclosed a highlighted copy of the exact letter sent. I received correspondence from Customer Service telling me to call (855)234-4654 and press option 5, reference # 2339863905740. I called the number and waited on hold for 45 minutes when a representative finally picked up. I was then told that the number I needed to speak with was gone for the day and the line automatically transferred to them but they could not help me. From the correspondence in the email this was the only way to get in touch back with Customer Service and have my issues fixed. The next day I called again during the regular business hours and held on the line for 25 minutes. Once the representative picked up she placed me on hold another 5 minutes or longer to look over the notes. She proceeded to tell me that they could not refund the children’s tickets nor credit them to the other passenger flying with me on my next flight but for $100 more they could give me a voucher for the unused tickets to use on anyone of choice for a later flight. This makes absolutely no sense at all for me to pay even more money. Over an hour to speak with someone is absurd. I picked your airline because of the “TRANSFARENCY”, I expected to be given excellent service. I have not received this. The amazing part of all is if you have already paid the money to the airline than the wait time to speak with a representative is 25-45 minutes. I called the number again as a person wishing to purchase a flight and was connected in 3 minutes. I wish the service was as good after you pay as it is to get your money. I do not wish to spend any more money than I already have. Please help to make this wrong right. I have nothing but the utmost respect for your company and really don’t wish to lose it. I look forward to hearing from someone soon who can help me. Thanks,
Michael Marsh
25260 Rampart Blvd.
Punta Gorda, FL 33983

(Copy of CS email)
I bought plane tickets for myself and my two minor children. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control I had to cancel all 3 tickets. I am not the full custodian of the children and they reside most of the time with their mother. I could get credit for 3 tickets to use later but they are issued to the names they were booked in. The problem being that the two other credited tickets are for my minor son and daughter. They will not be traveling with me anytime in the near future due to custodial agreements so I wanted to have them transferred to my name or a person of my choosing. Due to the cancellation of my trip with the children to New York, I planned another one to Pennsylvania and wish to have my widowed mother accompany me. The problem is I wanted to use one of the credited tickets under my minor children's names on my mother. I was told while booking that I could not transfer the kid’s tickets to her. I don't see why this would be an issue considering I paid for all the tickets. The kids will not be able to use them so I want to take my mom up north. I did in fact pay for my mother’s ticket (5261443737119) but ask to please be refunded and able to use one of the minor children's tickets instead. I booked with Southwest due to the low fares and excellent customer service. In this day and age of horrible publicity hanging over the airlines I figured Southwest would be a safe bet. I am not asking for freebies or special treatment, but just want my money credited back for my mother's flight. I am anxiously awaiting your response and look forward to giving you my business in the future.

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