@southwestair – Gary Kelly – We have a serious problem with SWA. First, my dad who is 85 years old

Sandra Lundgren sent a message to Gary Kelly that said:

We have a serious problem with SWA. First, my dad who is 85 years old is having surgery in Lubbock, TX today and I, his daughter and Steve, my husband booked airfare from LAX to LBB. I receive 3 texts with flight changes, with the last text being 1 hour and 15 minutes earlier than the original!!!. Specifically, the original flight time was 12:45; received a text that there had been a change to 1:20, then 1:55, and THEN, a flight change 1 hour and 15 minutes earlier than the original time of 12:45, to 11:30. There was NO way we would be able to get to the airport, go through security, etc. We talked to a supervisor Renee and she said we would miss our connection to Lubbock. This is totally unacceptable!. We asked if SWA could re-route us and we were told we would be accessed an airfare charge. WHAT?? THEN we lost our early bird check-in. We tried re-routing and were told we would be charged extra. One of those possibilities or options was to fly to DFW and rent a car, drive to LBB. Renee wanted to upcharge us!!!. There was no compensation mentioned, in fact I lost my Early Bird check in status and was told, I couldn't board early or even pre-board as a compensatory gesture. I'm totally dismayed by the lack of options offered by SWA. My husband word at US Air as Systems Control Manager, and he knows the "ins and outs." He couldn't believe that lack of help or options, from Renee. If you check my history, you will see that I travel SWA 4 times a year. I sing your praises, however due to the lack of help from Renee, this has now changed. Thanks for your time and I hope your airline can figure out a way to regain my trust and positive and optimistic outlook. Sincerely, Sandra Lundgren

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