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Mr. James M Loree

I have been a big supporter of B&D for over 30 years. If you go into my workshop you will see more B&D products then any other manufacturer.

Here is my problem and an answer from your company was very disappointing. I bought your 7.2 volt 6” sheers model SSC1000 Type 1 and have been very pleased with it. However, in my move from South Carolina to Phoenix, AZ the electrical wire to charge the unit has been misplaced. We have checked everywhere but cannot find it.

I emailed B&D explaining my problem, giving them the model number and asking how I can purchase a replacement. The answer back from B&D is that the product SSC1000 is no longer manufactured AND there is no replacement cord for the unit. I replied back to your company and asked so what do I do with this item now—use it as a paperweight? Needless to say, no one answered me.

I am puzzled that a company as big as yours does not have a solution to my problem. You have no electrical cords for this product anywhere in your warehouses? All the rechargeable products you make---NOT ONE of them has a compatible electrical wire that will fit my SSC1000?

I would appreciate a response just to know not only where I stand but also where B&D stands.

Thank you for your time.
Frank Addvensky

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